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Monday, February 20

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This past week I took a quick trip up to see my family in Fresno.
This is where I grew up.   My parents ... sister ... and extended family are all there still.

The weekend started out with an impromptu "girls' night out".
We rarely get together like this ... so it was great to get out just the four of us.
I met up with my sister ... in red ... then joined my cousin Jamie and her daughter Kara.
***You have to guess which one is me...I'm not blonde...haha***

We laughed ... ate too much ... and somehow still had room 
for popcorn and soda at the show.

We saw "Safehouse"... and I loved it!  
 It was your normal spy vs spy ... but
Denzel Washington  and  Ryan Reynolds  did a super job with their characters.
***My movie review here is an extra bonus feature**

Of course I stayed in my old room at Mom and Dad's house.  
Mom was busy packaging all her  Valentines' Cookies  to send to all the kids.
She had  23 kids  to bake for ... so I'd say about  6 dozen  in all.
We always look forward to getting these in the mail every year.

I also spent time with my dad in his workshop.  I dare say Santa hasn't got
a workshop stocked better than this one ... and
dad's is air conditioned.  I just love to be out there and learn from him.
Maybe I'm a chip off the old block.  Look at this  birdhouse  my dad made
 out of  old barn wood.    Awesome!

I hate to show you this picture ... but we accidentally had the same
sweatshirts on ... definitely a Kodak moment.
Sorry it had to be with no makeup and my pajamas still on.
Ho hum ... what I must do for my craft ....

We had such a relaxing few days.  
 I always love spending time in the Workshop.
Of course ... I always have to go through inspection before 
I drive home ... I'm
always tempted to stuff my car full of glorious power tools.

Home ... it's always there for me!

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??? said...

What a wonderful blog! Mrs and Mr Claus look WONDERFUL!!!

Bethany said...

Random but I grew up in Fresno and my parents still live there! I go back all the time!!! Looks like a fantastic weekend :)

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