Monday Music...Brown Eyed Girl

Monday, February 20

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"Brown Eyed Girl"
Van Morrison

"Brown Eyed Girl"... perhaps my absolute favorite song.
Wanna guess what color my eyes  are?

I made an executive decision here at  Reinventing the Ordinary.
Every  Monday  I'm going to feature one song from 
 my favorite music collection ... to help you 
 wake up ...
move your feet ...
and start your week with a smile.

You can be sure ... all you youngsters ... I'm going to be
introducing ... or perhaps reacquainting
you babes ... to some  Oldies ... "my music".
*** I'm old!***

Time to start your education.
Listen and enjoy!

You gotta love it .... right?

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Kim said...

Love Van Morrison! I just added an item to my etsy shop with their lyrics, but it's lyrics to Bright Side of the Road. That song makes me happy every time I hear it. :-)

MommaPea said...

Not only do I love this song, but I loooove Van Morrison. Thanks for stopping by Three Peas In My Little Pod - your blog is so cute, I love DIY, so I'll definitely be following :)

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