DIY Doggy Crate Cover

Tuesday, February 7

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I want to thank Kassi  over at  Truly Lovely  for allowing me to guest blog
this project last week.  I got a lot of requests to do a repost ... so ... without
further ado ... here is the project from that previous post.

My  ETSY Shop  is new ...  and it carries things for the home ... and
especially ... my puppies.  Crate covers are my favorites.
I thought I'd experiment with a quick ...  easy version of some of the
things I carry.  This one isn't in the super soft MINKY I usually use ... but it's really comfy.

I'll be adding this  Fleece Crate Cover  next week ...
 so I thought I'd share a quick DIY for you guys.

Materials Needed:

1  1/3 yard fleece Color 1
1/2 yard fleece Color 2
*** this is for a small 12" x 14" x 18" crate***

From  Color 1
                                        Piece A)   Cut one piece  26" x  48" (sides and bottom)
                                       Piece B)   Cut one piece  20" x  20 " ( liner for front door)

From  Color 2
                                        Piece C)   Cut one piece 52 " x 20 "  (back, roof, and front door)

Piece A
At corners  cut out 4" x 4 " squares  as shown.

Fold under one long edge of Piece A for a 4" hem.
This will be the front of the cover.

On the other 3 sides cut slits 2" wide and 4" deep.

Sew Piece B to front short end of Piece C.

Cut 4" x 4" square from corners on Piece C as shown ...
then fold under  a 4" hem.

On the remaining  3 sides slits cut 2" wide and 4" deep.

Wrap Piece A  around bottom and sides of crate.
Hemmed edge should butt up along front edge of crate.

Wrap Piece B/C  across back/top/front.
Align the top and back of the two sections.
Tie the top section to the side section.

As you can see I also used the same tie method to make a pillow.

This is just only a short tutorial.  I just gave you a thumb nail explanation.
It's is a quick project ... about 1 hour.

If you have any questions ...  leave me a comment
...  and I'll be happy to give you further directions.
Starting next week this crate cover will also be on my  Etsy Shop.

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Aw, how cozy! If my black lab could fit in there I know she'd love it on a cold night.

Thank you for linking up to the first "Cowgirl Up!" Linky Party!

Kassi at Truly Lovely said...

I loved this idea!!! If I had a small little dog, I would SO get one of these!!! My dogs are too big for little crates... but I still think they'd love a cute pillow like that one! Thanks again for sharing this with our readers Becky!!! You're the best!!!

Jentifur said...

Those dog crate covers are too cute! What a neat idea. Thanks for stopping by my blog, and the well wishes.

Inside the Chamber said...

How much material would I need for a large dog crate? 36 Long, 23 Wide and 26 Tall?

Elizabeth Chism said...

I assume there is some assembly required when you sell these? You have to tie one of the sides yourself to get the crate in??? Thanks! They are beautiful :-)

Lacey said...

How much material for a medium cage

Tedi said...

In case anyone is trying to make this for a different size crate, here are rough formulas for calculating dimensions of the fabric pieces:
Piece A= (l+8) x (2h+w+8)
Piece B= (w+8) x (h+4)
Piece C= (w+8) x (2h+l+6)

l, w, & h are the dimensions of your crate.

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