What I'm Missing .... Monday.

Monday, January 9

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Are you missing something or someone today?
I am.
And yes ... I am sooo missing my little  "Park City".

I must tell you ... however ... that I was kind of thinking in another direction.
Here's what else I am  Missing Monday.

"I feel like I'm always looking for things."

For example ... where in the world is my  Silver Cross on the Beaded Chain?
I really want to find this.  
It's probably on a door handle or a closet floor ... let me think ... where have I been?

"Family help!"

I know you all think I'm naturally beautiful ... no need for concealing anything ... right?
Okay ... cards on the table.   I swear this  Clinque Concealer must have legs.
One minute it's safe and snug in my drawer ... then ... wham-bam-thank you-maam ... it's gone.

Okay ... now tell me how I can lose a pair of black velour sweat pants?
I don't go anywhere.  Do you think some cat burglar had a wife who just needed the
"pants" to a black  Juicy Velour Sweat Suit?

Did any of my friends and relatives happen to find any of my Phillips' Screwdrivers
in their Christmas packages?  All of a sudden I have a gazillion flat head screwdrivers ...
but not one Phillips.  You think there is some kind of screwdriver conspiracy?

Yes ...  I know I've only had my camera for one month.  Already I've lost this
puppy at least 10 times.  I've got to come up with some DIY way to keep it
attached to the camera while I'm taking pictures.
I can't keep asking people if they've seen my Nikon Lens Cap... it's embarrassing.
Maybe duct tape.

I keep trying to tell myself it's  not that I'm getting old.   I'm sure my losing things
is a result of my mind being chock full of millions of important items.
Yeah ... nobody's buying that.

Saturday night at the UNLV game ... I lost my phone and my camera in the
span of 10 minutes.  How can I lose a huge camera?  It's hopeless.

It's now obvious ... that I've also lost  MY MIND
The sad part is I don't have any hope of finding "it" any time soon.

Yes ... at least I think I miss my mind ... but since I've lost it I can't be sure.

What are you looking for and have you seen anything of mine?

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