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Tuesday, January 24

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                               Meet   Kaycie   from ....

Kaycie is one of my spectacular sponsors and I want you to get to know
a little bit about this awesome  REDHEAD.....

Hi everyone.  I'm Kaycie.
Let me tell you a little bit about myself .

I was raised in Utah ... but after marrying my husband Scott in 2010 ...
we moved to Las Vegas ... which is where we now call home.
As fun as it is not having snow here in Las Vegas ...
(or hardly any winter at all )
I will always be a Utah girl at heart.
I love everything about it.

Soon after getting married I started my little blog ...
I started my blog about a year ago as a way to document our life.
One way or another I started discovering other blogs ... and realized that there is a 
whole ... big ... blogging community!

I got inspired by bloggers like ...
and many others.  That's when I saw that anyone can have a blog ...
because everyone has a different story to tell.
Everyone sees the world just a little differently ... 
and that's why  I enjoy sharing my own view of the world.
I also  love reading lots of other blogs  to see their perspectives.

My husband and I are attending school and since Scott has a good job ...
I'm able to focus on school and hobbies ... 
such as  sewing ... photography ... and crafting.
I don't have an Etsy shop ... but I love trying out all the great tutorials
everyone puts out.


I think the best part of being a sponsor is it gives a whole new audience to your
blog and these little features create new friends.

Let's show Kaycie some love. 
By the way she's a cat lover ... but we dog lovers won't hold that against her. 

Visit  her blog  and tell her I sent ya ... oh and leave her a cool comment.

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