Songs from the Past ... 1970

Tuesday, January 31

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What were you listening to in High School?

For most of you it wasn't that long ago... but for me ... well a few more years.
I love music ... and it always takes me back.
I loved high school ... dances ... going steady ... football games ... cheerleading.
*** yes I was a cheerleader ... I dominated***
Music always reminds me of some special occasion ... or maybe ...  a special guy.

Without further ado ... 

1970 Rocks Again !

Simon & Garfunkel ..."Bridge Over
 Troubled Water"
This song stayed #1 for months.

 Edwin Starr ... War
Great song.  You guys probably remember it better from  Rush Hour.

The Jackson 5 ... ABC
The  Jackson 5 ... and  Michael Jackson ... my all time favorites.
Michael was so cute back then.

The Beatles ... Let It Be
Nobody did it better than the Beatles.  Best group EVER!!!
***I belonged to a Beatles Fan Club ... hmmm sounds like a post***

Sly & The Family Stone ... Thank You Faletten Me Be Myself
These guys were  off the hook.   I actually saw them in concert.  
Sly was notorious for being hours late or no-showing at concerts.
They were the definition of "freaky" funk ... how is he still alive?

Ike & Tina Turner Review ... I Wanna 
Take You Higher
This song was done by Sly as well ... but this woman could and still does 

Stevie Wonder ... Signed, Sealed,  Delivered
Stevie is still  bringin it.   He has some serious skills.

I love dancing to oldies ... yeah I said oldies ... I'm old ... sue me.

Today I'm linking with ...
as they link up with "music from the year you were born."

I hope you guys don't mind ... I kind of changed it up a bit.  I like the music 
from high school a whole lot better. 
Hope you enjoy it!

**** Don't forget tribute to Michael Jackson tonight on GLEE!***

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1 comment:

Heidi said...

Wow! What amazing picks! Signed, Sealed, Delivered has to be my favorite Stevie song of all time. I can be found singing and dancing to that while cooking dinner in the kitchen sometimes. :) Thanks for linking up-- I hope you can participate again next week as well!

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