Party Time ... Where's Waldo?

Thursday, January 12

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Where's  Waldo  Julio?

In honor of my "other half's" birthday ... and yes I was a child bride ...
 I thought I'd share this great party idea.
I wanted something different ... fun ... and not too childish.
Okay ... so maybe it was a little childish ... but what's wrong with that?

I started by locating this actual  Waldo doll.    Let me tell you ... not so easy to find.
I think I ended up finding this one on Ebay.
I took Waldo downtown to a  local boutique  and asked if they would keep him in their store.

I set up a web site ...  Where's  ... and each day 
I put up a  new clue as to the whereabouts of Waldo.  
Whoever found Waldo  would receive dinner for two at Outbacks.
I kind of thought this might be a chick thing ... but holey moley ... the guys were fearsome hunters.

Everyone was looking around town for Waldo! 

Decorations were so much fun and super easy.
Each table was done up in lots of red.  Of course stripes were everywhere.
I cut wide strips of red and white striped fleece ... fringed the tips ... and voila ... 
Waldo scarves.

Black (Harry Potter-ish) glasses  from Oriental Trading were a must
  ...  and very cheap.
Oh ... and plenty of  "Where's Waldo Books" on each table to keep the guests intrigued.
I also made several large cardboard  Waldo cut-outs.

The guests really got into the mood.

My 3 kids helped emcee and DJ the evening in their chic Waldo scarves... 
             And then we  danced ...

and danced ...    

                            and danced ...

well my son Bryn put on quite a show ...

                                                           and danced some more!

The birthday boy kind of got carried away.

A good time was had by all.  I was surprised how much everyone enjoyed hunting
for Waldo.  One crazy guy convinced an unsuspecting store clerk to help him
look for Waldo on their store roof. 

Giving out daily clues helped heighten the anticipation of the party.  I also gave out
bonus puzzles ... funny Waldo-esque photos ... and updated party information.

We also had a Waldo Lookalike Contest.
This  Waldo Reese ... is a high school principal.  He won hands down ... or hands up?

Hmmmm ....... posting this reminds me how much fun we had.
Maybe an ... Annual Where's Waldo Party.

I've gotta go see where I put Waldo.

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Cole said...

What an awesome idea! Wow, Brynn really is getting into his dancing. Hahahaha!

~Wyatt~Brittney~Brecken~Oliver~ said...

You totally rock! I love it!

Mama Jodi said...

So fabulous. My husband and I were Waldo and Wenda for Halloween once, so I was drawn to this post. Great cake.

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