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Thursday, January 26

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I've always wanted to live by the ocean.  
Clearly not an option at the present ... unless I win the lottery.
So when you can't go to the water ... you try to bring the water to you.

We moved into an older home ... and little by little ... 
I'm making changes.  One of my first projects ...


We do have a pool ... yes a big plus ... but behind that ... there was
an ugly ... ugly ... boring corner.
I mean nothin going on!
So I googled ... and googled ... and researched ... and read.
The first step ...  lay out the shape of the land  and ... dig the hole.
I wanted the top of the waterfall to be as high as possible for the space.
That meant bringing in more dirt ... and  building up a small mountain.
I was able to use all the dirt from the hole.
***notice ... lots of fun roots to cut through***
The hole is an important part of the equation.

Most important ... the top edges of the pond have to be level.
The pond water will find it's own level ... and you don't want water slopping out on
one side ... and too low on the other.

Now there are two schools of thought for the pond ...
dig a deep hole and cover it with plastic ... or ...
 dig deep hole and lay a preformed plastic pool form 
inside the deep hole.
***notice both options involve digging a deep hole ... rats***

I opted for the plastic pool liner ... because I thought it would be easier.  It wasn't.
As it turned out ... you have to make the hole fit the  exact shape  of the hard liner.

Anyway hole dug ... liner inserted ... hill mounded.
Next  line the hill with plastic.  This is where the water will run down to the pond.
The next part involved moving the rocks in.  I don't have pictures of this.
Needless to say ... it was a lot of work.   Now if you have alley access to the backyard ... 
you can have large boulders delivered and positioned by a crane.
Unfortunately ... I had to roll each one in by hand.
Knowing that we had no alley access and a small gate to go through ... I chose the largest
boulders that would possibly fit.  If wishes were horses ... I'd have chosen big honkin rocks.

The last step is to  put a pump in the pond  and  run the hose up to the top 
of the waterfall ... plug er in  and ....
wham bam thank you ma'am .... we've got a waterfall!

I love it.

As you can see  I added some lights  and of course  landscaping.
It takes a bit of planning to decide where to place all the rocks ... and I had to try a few
configurations.  I used flat slate rocks all the way down for the water to cascade over
 Although I put plastic down along the water's path ... I still used
some quick cement to fill in any gaps or holes between rocks.

I recently added an  automatic sprinkler drip system ...
and  a timer for the waterfall. 
 It's important to have the water recirculate on a regular basis as well as chlorine tabs occasionally.

Now I must say my husband did help me move the rocks from the front yard to the back yard ...
other than that ... I did this bad boy all by myself ... the planning ... the digging ... and 
the lifting and cementing of all those heavy boulders.
Now this is my type of DIY.

 I love the sound of falling water .... how about you guys?



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biggestlittleblog said...

That is amazing! Props to you because that would intimidate the checkout of me! It looks so relaxing and nice i would just love to sit with a good book and a glass of wine and listen to the trickling of water!


The Polka Dot Closet said...

Becky, that is gorgeous...Yea to you doing it yourself, so nice to have a little trickle of water to listen to! My brother lives by me in downtown Orlando and has a couple great water features in his yard. He had fish for a while and they kept disappearing, then he saw a raccoon one day by the pond licking his lips LOL!


Lauren Bird said...

Wow! Becky-- this turned out beautiful. Will you come make one in my backyard?

Samantha said...

What a great transformation. I bet the sound is so relaxing. Thanks for linking up to "Cowgirl Up!". Hope you'll be back next week too.
:) Samantha @ Crafty Texas Girls

Deanne said...

Great Job! I wish I had somewhere for one- we put one in a first house 20 years ago now!

micki @ ADD housewife said...

What a great project! It's so pretty!

Pam Lame said...

First let me say, WAHOO for you! It's hard to find women like you who are not afraid to get their hands dirty and who have the confidence to try something like this. I'm almost certain you would have figured out how to move those large boulders too if your hubby wasn't there to help out. It does my heart good to see a woman who doesn't feel helpless and unable to face a challenge like your waterfall. And second, I want to say that the waterfall is just outstanding and you should take a bow!
I used to be one of the helpless ones so I know how easy it is to just sit around waiting for someone to do things for me. Then my husband started traveling a lot on his job and if something needed to be done, I either had to hire someone to do it or go without. We live in the desert and off the grid and one day the generator went out and I had no way to cool my house and I had animals that had to be taken care of. I learned then and there that it was time for me to give it a shot myself. I fixed that dang machine, my husband talked me through it over the phone. I have never in my life felt so happy and satisfied as when I turned that machine on and it actually started up! I learned so much about myself and gained so much confidence and I'm thinking that I never will feel helpless again. I take on jobs now that just blow my friends away, even to the point of working with wiring, changing small motors, building things and dealing with propane. So, good for you lady, we can do anything if we just try. And I am going to take some ideas from you to build my own waterfall. Thanks for sharing what you've learned. And keep up the good works! Pam

Cindy Dy said...

So happy to be given a privilege to post a comment here. You have a wonderful site. Thank you for the effort to publish this.


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