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Sunday, January 29

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Meet  Kelsey!
Kelsey is one of those super chicas who has graciously  been
a sponsor of ...
Reinventing the Ordinary.
***did I make that sound like I was in Alcoholic's Anonymous?***

She is a great girl ... super blogger ... and a real hoot.
Do people still say that?  I'm starting to doubt my expressions.

Kelsey is the owner ... writer ... and creative genius of
so ... without further ado ... here's what Kelsey has to say.

Hi ... I'm Kelsey. 
 I'm a huge travel lover ... and enjoy sharing tips about places to visit and explore.  
I love to cook ... and try to share new healthy recipes ... 
alongside some yummy baking adventures ... of course.  
Overall ... I enjoy sharing the real me and putting myself out there
 in a way I never thought I would.  
Blogging is such an amazing community and the support is astounding ... 
no matter what I may be writing about.

I've been blogging for a little over a year now.  
Two of my old roommates ... Kai & Emily ... used to stalk blogs when we lived together
... and they each eventually started their own. 
 I always knew I wanted to start one as well ... but it took me awhile 
to figure out what I would write about
 My blog is still a work in progress ... and I always try
 to find new and exciting things to write about.

When I'm not blogging (or working) I enjoy exploring the area I live in... 
hanging out with friends and family ... and living life to the fullest. 
(so cliche ... I know ... sue me). 
 I work for Target as a Guest Service Manager ... 
which seems to take up all of my time ... when in reality ...
 it's only about 40 hours a week.  I've taken the last year of school off ...
 but am excited to start back this summer at SDSU ... to finish 
my Recreation and Tourism Management degree.  
My dream job is to be a travel writer ... but I have so many other goals
 and business ventures that I want to accomplish.  
Who knows where this journey will take me!

I'm a huge shopaholic ... it's bad.  I'd say that's one of my biggest hobbies. 
 I also love traveling ... writing ... and working on new 
and exciting blog projects with friends. 

is one of the most recent additions to my hobby list ...
 and it has been quite an amazing one ... at that.

I don't have an ETSY shop yet ... but I do love social media ...
 spend a lot of time on  twitter ... instagram

 (kelsey_kayy) ... and  pinterest
 Now if only I could get paid to tweet and pin ... hmmmm.

I hope you come check out my  blog!  
It's a mish mosh of all things fun and important in my life.  
Plus ... I think I'm pretty funny ... but I'll let you be the judge on that.  

Thanks for having me, Becky!! 


I'll be seeing Kelsey this weekend at the  SoCal Blogger Meetup
... I can't wait.
Go on over to see her blog ... leave a comment ... say hi.

Thanks Kelsey.

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1 comment:

biggestlittleblog said...

Im with you sista! If i could make an income via pintrest I would be in heaven!

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