Does your puppy need a home? Before and After

Thursday, January 19

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Santa Claus handed out a lot puppies this Christmas.

So what do all those new puppies need ... especially during this cold ... cold winter?
Well ... fashionable puppies like to sleep comfy and cozy in a 
soft ... soft minky fleece bed.

"the cold naked crate'

Well ... getting warmer
 All you have to do is choose your colors.
What's your puppy's favorite color?

How soft does this look?   Minky fleece  feels even better.
A little cinema magic ... and voila!  A soft new home.

Rolled  open in the daytime ...
  for relaxing on a  soft pillow and  comfy bumpers ...

or  turned down at night  for some shut eye and privacy ...

A mix of  pattern and geometrics ... and the ever present pink  tassel.
Of course a puppy's boudoir is not complete without a  matching blanket and pillow .

But  bold is beautiful  and the stylish female loves her pink ... and maybe some brown.

Such a trooper ... I don't think Blake is lovin the pink.

Girlie yet  sophisticated.

Maybe the young gentleman prefers a  classic pattern  in black and white ...
with a splash of forest green.

So  G.Q. !

And maybe a bit of  ** bling **  to top it off ... a gold name to hang on the door.

What more could a puppy ask for?
A happy puppy   :)

He's smiling underneath all that hair.....
*** Puppy model supplied by Extraordinaire Puppy Modeling Agency . ***

Before                                           After

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Crazier Critter Creations  on the horizon .... stay tuned!

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A party and A HALF said...

I just died inside, I haven't seen this before!

A party and A HALF said...

By the way, I went to go to your Etsy shop but I can't find the button :( I know it says on the top...but I can't find it.

Kori Donahue said...

Hey honey! I'm a new follower! I found you through the So Cal Blogger meet up...can't wait to meet you in person! Have a fabulous weekend! Kori xoxo

Lisa Scibilia said...

How adorable and cozy!! Love it - a great idea! Definitely link it up to the After party at Shine Your Light this coming Friday the's so much fun.

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