2012 Bucket List

Monday, January 2

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Resolutions are kind of like diets ...
if you expect any level of success ... you've got to be realistic.

So okay ... its  2012
... time for  a new sheet of paper ... a clean slate ... if you will.  
My first purchase of  2012 ... dum da da dum ...
a new agenda  and  a new journal.
You thought I was kidding about the new sheet of paper huh?

I love pen on paper ... I suppose its the artistic side of me
that loves that special pen on nice thick paper.
(fyi ... of no importance whatsoever ... I absolutely love crossword puzzles
... they have to be in ink)
I'm sure that says something about me ... but I'll save that for therapy...
hmmm ... maybe
Therapy Thursdays ... on with the show.

      • Try to drink  more water nd  less Diet Coke.   (I have my doubts)
      • Try to use less salt.      (I definitely will break this one)
      • Try to eat a few  more vegetables.   (Anything besides Peanut Butter)
      • Try to get out and  move ... play tennis ... bike ... walk the dog.

Okay that's the healthy stuff ... boring ... but it had to be done.

      • Try to have  thicker skin ... I know I take things too personally.
      • Try to  believe I have great qualities ... no matter what people say.
      • Try to  create what I love ... and what I enjoy ... not to gain approval or love.
      • Learn to  be okay with just me ... not to depend on anyone else for my happiness.

Okay that's the mental health stuff ... that's probably real important 
... but I'm sure boring for you.

      • Take a  photography class ... learn to use my new camera better.
      • Take all of  Alisa Burkes' art classes ... create my own art.
      • Start a daily written  journal to vent my un-bloggable struggles and thoughts.
      • Create a more  cohesive plan and schedule for blog topics ...a little less willy-nilly.

    Yada yada yada ... way too serious blog stuff.
    Let me finish this up in my more  smart aleck satirical style.

        • Try to finagle a  Silhouette ... maybe an Elle Woods video to the company.
        • Find a  filter on my camera to make me  look 20 years younger  and 20 pounds lighter.
        • Get  Edward Cullen to guest post on my blog ... with maybe a "date" giveaway.
        • Create a way to  add comments  to my blog pretending to be hundreds of followers.

      You may have noticed  I didn't add anywhere get more "organized".  You can
      probably see I'm already a list person ... bordering on the OCD.

      So that's it ... I really want to  consolidate a direction  for my blog and
      expand my ETSY shop  in a substantial ... more artistic fashion. 
       I want to  be more unique ... 
      focusing on the art that I love ... 
      not just the stuff that's easy or currently a fad.

      I'd really like to hear your ideas or comments on my blog.  I can already see how ... with
      each consecutive post ... I've tweaked ... changed and hopefully improved.
      I never want to take myself or my blog too seriously ... I am ... and will always be a 
      smark a**  charmingly witty personality.

      I hope you'll continue to follow my blog ... and hopefully, once in awhile, leave a comment.
      When you're new you're not really sure if anyone out there is really paying attention.
      Remember ... I need validation ... (see above) ... haha.

      HAPPY 2012

      (anyone know Edward Cullen's email address?)


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      Milady said...

      Melanie here! I enjoyed this piece, please email me--I have a question about your blog. MelanieLBowen[at]gmail[dot]com

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