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Monday, December 26

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Now that I can take a breath ... and I'm sure you feel the same ... I want to show you how I
 wrapped it all up.  
I usually try to follow a theme ... or color ... with all my packages.
This year I used brown butcher paper ... of which I have reams and reams.
Another bonus ... FREE.  I bought this paper years ago at a yard sale for $2.00.
 I must say ...  however ... I really do like the simplicity and blank canvas it affords.
The other recurring motif was a variety of initials ... from wire to cardstock stencil.
Other than those two constants ... any bright color decoration was on the table.
Kudos here to Alisa Burke.  She gave me the inspiration for these doodl-ishious ideas.  
Sharpies and Liquid Paper Correction Pen were the medium of choice.  A bit time consuming ... sure.
 The end result ...  however ... was kind of a work of art ... if I do say so myself.
Yarn and even tee shirts can be made into pom poms.
Even my father seemed to enjoy them.
Lots of  flowers.

Bows with a burlap twist ... love red burlap.
 This is my ... " I can't believe I never knew this" ... discovery.  
I never realized you could curl ordinary paper like this.
Fold in half ... cut thin strips ... roll ... and curl. 
Easy peasy.  Awesome possibilities.
Letters in all shapes and forms.  The wire initials I shaped myself ... 
I have the holes in my fingertips to prove it
 The cardboard letters I cut out at a materials lab ... since I don't have a Sillouette ...
No need to add "to" or "from" ... the unique brown packages and initials tell all. 

This was my first Pinterest/Blogging Christmas.  I thank all of you fellow 
bloggers and Pinterest contributors for most of these lovely ideas.
It did take a lot of work ... but I enjoyed all the experimentation.  I think the final outcome
was  spectacular.

I should have taken a picture of the aftermath.  After hours of wrapping ... 
packages were reduced to rubble in a matter of seconds
 No matter ... it was loads of fun.  

I do have one  caveat.
Though it was quick and easy ... and it didn't bother me in the least ... my family
was not a big fan of me using the hot glue gun instead of scotch tape
Pish - posh.  So they were a tad bit hard to open ... sissies!

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Amy Hughes said...

I LOVE your wrappings!! I would be so OCD about people ripping the paper though with that much work put in...lol!
Just so you know, I chose this post for the Photo Show Off in last week's Holiday's Link up with me and Scenic Glory!
Check it out here: http://www.love-bug-blog.com/2012/01/photo-show-off-all-time-favorite-2011.html
and thanks for linking up! I'm glad I found you!

Amy @love-bug-blog.com

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