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Wednesday, December 28

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What does a Pinterest-lovin' ... DIY bloggin' ... creative mom give to her  
superhero collectin' son for Christmas?

Superheroes Under Glass

... well ... not exactly under glass ... but on glass ... or to be precise ... etched on glass.
I have to give credit for my creation to one of my favorite bloggers ...
She created some superhero juice glasses for her youngsters
 I have to say I was really intrigued by the process and loved her outcome

When I went to buy glasses ... I decided my 28-year old would probably
prefer  mugs  rather than juice glasses ... you know ...  

"to drink big glasses of MILK"

We all know that's how superheroes maintain their power ... 

drinking "MILK" from mugs.

Here's what you need:

                                1.   Peel and stick stencils
                                2.   Etching cream
                                3.   Paint brush

The first thing you need is a stencil.  The easiest way to cut a stencil is with a
Sillouette Cutter.   But ... since I don't have one of those beauties ... 
I cut the stencils by hand.  I found the logos I wanted by Googling superhero images.
I redrew them onto peel and stick shelving contact paper
 May I say... I am counting the days til I can buy a Sillouette.
  As it was ... preparing the stencil was the most difficult part of this project.

Next the fun part.  I actually had my doubts whether this would actually work in the
short time the directions called for.  It really sounded too easy.
I ended up buying the ETCHING CREAM at Michaels.  

So ... stencil applied ... and following the directions on the bottle ... which weren't many ...
I proceded to paint on the cream.  I applied it thickly ... being careful not to slop
over into any areas I didn't want etched.
I waited approximately 5 minutes ... rinsed off the glass ... then removed the stencil ... and


Even as I rinsed ... I didn't think it had worked.  As it dried ... I had to admit ... 

My hard to impress son ... Bryn ... was pretty pleased.  In fact ... he called me today and 
asked me to make 4 more to give to his friends. So I guess that's a definite thumbs up!
It turns out there's a new Batman logo.  Who knew?  

The result was so stunning that I'm planning to use this method again right away.
Glass etching would be great for personalizing glassware of any type for ...
showers ... weddings ... or any gift-giving occasion.

What do you think?  

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