The stockings were hung by ... Christmas Stockings

Thursday, December 29

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The stockings were hung by the chimney with care ...

A very BIG part of our family's Christmas tradition is the Christmas Stocking.
A note to all you mothers with young children ... your children will not ...
necessarily ... outgrow this tradition.  Mine have not ... and they are ...
well let's say ... all over 21.

Most of these stockings were lovingly made by my mother ... Mary ... aptly named ...
don't you think?  Every year it seems she has to repair a few ... as they get stretched far
beyond their original capacity.  There are new ones added from year to year as our family has
grown.  This year she was commissioned to make one for our newest member ...

Parker Rhodes.

Just couldn't resist throwing in a picture of my Pdawg's First Christmas.  
What a Christmas Angel ...
 Bryn ... such a sweet bear.  Well a 27 year old bear now ... big Star Wars fan ... 
now with Darth Vadar and Storm Trooper spatulas ... a real must have!
My oldest baby ... Shea ... now a daddy himself ... still loves opening stockings.
Kai ... the "angel" of the family... loves Nordstroms in her stocking.
I actually made this stocking for my new daughter-in-law ...  Sarah.   We all love to shop.
I phones and Glitter ... are a girls's best friends.
I don't know why this is mine ... I just don't get enough kisses.
My hubs ... Julio ... the tennis coach.
My dad ... Douglas ... Tim the Toolman ... always gets bandaids and first aid supplies ... can you guess why?
This is my mom's stocking ... Mary couldn't have a more appropriate stocking.

... in hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there.

Yes St. Nick was good to our family this year.  
He filled all our stockings with goodies and cheer.

But the best gift of all ... Old St Nick did not leave
Was our family together on this Christmas Eve.

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cardigan said...

Love the little guy and the red stockings:)

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