Santa I've Been Good ... My Christmas Wish List

Thursday, December 1

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Well ... I was planning on doing a  Christmas Wish List  a bit later this month ...
but this email was circulated today regarding a certain deadline for "said list."

"Excuse me family members! Today is December 1st, which I do believe was the deadline for 
Christmas Lists.   If I don't get one by the end of the day you are all getting socks and underwear." 

So I'm going to combine "The List" with my Friday post and hopefully I won't get underwear.
Here's a few of my current favorites ...

and then for the stocking stuffers ... yes, ma'am ... never outgrow the stocking!!

1.  La Mer Vintage Oversized Watch ...  Carmel with Silver Face  ($98) Fashionista

2.  Vanessa Mooney Multi-Metal Bracelets ... Fashionista

3.  Waxing Poetic Rosary ($100)  Fashionista

4.  Liz Palacios Aged Gold Large Earrings ... Fashionista
(Fashionista is a local Boutique ... are you seeing a pattern here?  All I really want is Fashionista. )

5.  Anthropology Tee ... ($68)  Yellow

6.  Edward Cullen ... deep sigh.

7.  Cartier Love Bracelet ... ($2500) Does it really matter where it's from ... can you say "pipedream"?

8.  Jill-E Leather Camera Bag ... Red ($130)  E-bags

9.  Sillouette Cameo ... ($299)

a.  Mac Fluidline ... Black or Dipdown ($15)  Macys

b.  Clinique Soft Pressed Powder Bluser ... Fig ($20) Macys

c.  Clinique High Definition Brush Mascara ... Black ($14)  Macys

d.  Clinique All About Eyes Concealer ... Medium Beige ... ($16)  Macys

Whoa ... does that seem like a lot to you?  Well ... come on ... I probably won't get the
Cartier Bracelet or the Sillouette Cameo.  Yeah ... Edward is a definite maybe.

Really ... if you must know ... Fashionista's all I really need want.  That place is amazing!  
But ... that  Red Camera Bag  is hot too.

Sincerely, though ... I hate Christmas lists.  It makes me feel so demanding. 
 But ... when you get an order ... you obey that order.
So ... to all those that would like to avail themselves of my list ... here it is.

***Just read about a GIVEAWAY at Scenic Glory...$75 from Anthropology.  Whooohoo...maybe I'll win my Yellow Tee ***
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Alexandra Rose said...

It's all about the Christmas lists! Althouth I can see Edward Cullen being a tricky one to get. I made a little list on my blog too... although I think I'll be getting most of it myself *sigh* as it's a bit over budget. It doesn't hurt to dream :-)
Visiting from the hop.

Karena said...

Oh Becky I love Everything on your list!!

I am having a Twelve Days of Holiday Giveaway Event! Many amazing gifts including the first one from Liz at Dovecote Decor, I hope you will stop by!!


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