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Wednesday, December 14

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 I thought a little change of pace in our holiday blogoramas might be refreshing.
Just received this month's Glamour and Redbook.
No ... I'm not 23 ... but yes ... there's still stuff I can learn about my over-23 fashion sense.

The first thing I love this season ... besides my fur vest ... is that Maxi Skirts are hot!
The second thing I love is the Pleated Maxi Skirt.  
Guess what ?  Evidently someone else out there agrees with me.
Having seen Rachel Zoe wear one a few months ago ... and because I didn't have the $400 
to buy hers ... I decided I'd sew my own. Why not?

Well I can tell you why not.  I am not a seamstress.  Now I have a machine ... 
and I have sewn.  But this sounded a little beyond my straight-line sewing ability. 
 Heavens-to-Betsy ... yes ... I said heavens-to-Betsy ... so sew me  sue me ...
I told you I was over 23.
So I did what I always do ... Googled.

Have you ever heard of a "pleating board"?  Neither had I ...
but several sites said that was the best way to go.

I decided to use double thick butcher paper for my pleating board.  
I first drew lines.  Mine were 2" and 1 1/2".  One for the face pleat ... the other for the kick back.
Your lines will depend on how wide you want your pleats to be.

I began folding on the lines ... ironing as I went.  Since it was paper ... I kept the temperature low.
It helped to weigh the folded pleats down as I went ... to keep the pleats down.

Once they were all in ... and pressed ... I  took the weights off.

Next I flipped the pleated paper over ... and using spray adhesive ... glued fabric to the back of the paper.  This helped keep all the nice pleats ... that took me forever to put in .... 
nice and tight.  Don't want any of those little buggers popping out of line.
You can see my fabric is wrinkled ... that really doesn't matter at all.

Since I didn't want to hem after I pleated ... I measured the length I wanted ... 
and  hemmed first.
Next slowly ... carefully ... placed my fabric over the pleating board.
Using a ruler or a credit card ... I pushed the fabric into the paper pleats.
Every 2 or 3 pleats I pinned the pleats and pressed.

Here is the finished pleated section of skirt.  As you can see I have removed
the pleating board ... and it's still pinned at the bottom ... just to keep it in place.
May I say here that it helps sooo much to have an 8 foot table in my new workroom.

I placed a cloth over my skirt and carefully pressed the pleats one more time.
I wanted to make sure those babies weren't coming out.

Voila ... pleats still in place ... and not too bad.  Not perfect ... but not too bad.
Time to sew on the bodice to the skirt.  Is it called a bodice? 
Heck ... I really don't know ... the top of the skirt.
All that was left was to sew up the sides and put some type of closure or zipper at the waistline.

And here it is all together.  
I really like it ... if I do say so myself.  Not bad for a non-sewer.  
I ended up having to go back and take up the hem.  Evidently someone
measured incorrectly.  All I had to do was re-press the hem pleats in and it looked good as new.

I like to pair it up with a bright silk blouse and a pair of boots ... both from Nordstroms.
I also plan on mixing it up with a light cashmere sweater or maybe a jeans jacket.
I love the pleats and the length ... the fabric is nice and swingy.
 Since I'm not a big fan of showing my legs ...  I hope the maxi stays around for awhile. 

Well ... at least I beat Glamour and Redbook this time.
Maybe I do have a little style ... even for an "older" dog.

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A party and A HALF said...

I love it

Brittney said...

LOVE it! I want to see pics of YOU in it though. . .you need to get over this camera shyness! ;)

Sandy a la Mode said...

where did you get those boots?!?! i want a pair just like that! and LOVE that skirt, i love pleats!!!

Sandy a la Mode said...

oh ok, i just read that the boots are from nordstrom... do you know what brand they are?? can you link me please?? :D

twobutterflies said...

That is so cute!! But it does look like a lot of work.

Samantha said...

This skirt is AWESOME! You should be so proud! I love pleated maxi skirts myself! Thanks for the comment and visiting my blog today! :)


Etcetorize said...

I don't think you can call yourself a non-sewer anymore. Your skirt turned out AWESOME! I would really love for you to stop by Etcetorize to share your tutorial at the Make it Great party going on right now ( Hope to see you there!

Etcetorize said...

Love this so much that I'm featuring it on tonight's Make it Great party at Etcetorize. I hope you'll stop by to grab a button and link up again!

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