Over the river and through the woods ... Christmas at Grandmas

Friday, December 30

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Over the river and through the woods ...

... to Mimi and Papa's house we go.

... and what a beautiful house it is.

Daddy's girl.

Grandpa Hoopah and Pdawg.

The wonder of a baby's first Christmas.

Cousin Greta and Blake are waiting for their presents ... 
"What's the deal ... we've been sooo good.   I even put on this sweater ... where's my goodies?"

Michael Jackson's always in style ...  and a "staple" coat.  
Actually it is a wool pea coat for cold Colorado and New York winters ... 
but we told him that a coat was an important staple for his wardrobe ... so henceforth ... 
it will be called ... the  Staple Coat.

A true heirloom ... and elephant book holder ... lovingly made by
"Papa"...  Parker's great-grandfather.  
What better to fill it ... the classics ... Goodnight Moon and That's Not my Donkey.

This awesome  canvas print  from  Perideau Designs ... made to match Papa's book holder.

After a great meal ... a mom loves to see her boys in the kitchen.

Yes ... it's a dog's life.  I see the boys had a little help from Sophie.
I think she's already starting to earn points for next Christmas.

We had a whirlwind Christmas.  That's what happens when kids grow up and move away.
  You have to share time with in-laws ... and work schedules ... and other distractions that arise.
We tried to cherish the time we had together.  We watched movies ... played games ... laughed.
We had great food ... and received beautiful presents.   
There is no better gift for me ... however ... then to spend time with my family.
I'm trying to master the art of being strong ... pretending it doesn't bother me to see them go ...
but I'm sure I don't have anyone fooled.
My heart still breaks when they drive off.

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A party and A HALF said...

O my goodness, that tree is BEAUTIFUl!

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