Mini Bazaar Whirlwind

Sunday, December 11

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This weekend I had a booth in my first holiday boutique.
It was a 2 day event ... just invited friends ... a Mini Holiday Bazaar.
It was hosted by a sorority sister of mine at her home here in town.
I was going to say an "old" sorority sister ... but that opens a dangerous can of worms :)

I'm sure most of you already know ... that no matter how small or intimate the event ... 
setting up a display involves a lot of work and planning ... especially if it's your first.
Though I do have a new ETSY shop ... I really didn't have enough items to make a
decent display for a boutique of any size.  So this last week I was a whirlwind of hot glue ...
burlap and wire cutters.  Pinterest was also a big part of my week as well.

No time for posting or replying to emails ... but now the bazaar is over ... done ... finito!  
So I can breathe and show you some pictures from my first outing.

I got to showcase all of my wreaths ... including my favorite Magnolia Wreath.
A last minute entry was a Rolled Paper design I made entirely of maps ... just for fun.

These Gold Thumb Tack Balls were popular ... oh and these other gold balls
 were popular and delicious as well ...

I've been dabbling a bit in wire sculpting ... (dabbling ... sounds very chic-chic-artsy-fartsy).
I found I really enjoy working with metal ... for future projects ... and although these creations
are only my first attempt at it ... I decided to throw them in the mix as well.  
They look a little Grinchy Hooville or Nightmare Before Christmasy... I love em!
I make up words as I go along ... creative license ...

Dabbled a little more with some flowers.  Even made some using holiday Christmas ads 
from the newspaper.  I tried to display items in various ways they could be used:  
package decoration ... lapel pins ... headbands ... tree ornaments. 

Wrapped up the smaller purchases in these take-out boxes,  I designed out of red folders 
I had on hand ... adding a monogram and ribbon topped them off ... easy peasy.
Speaking of wrapping it up ... enough for now.  

Tomorrow more pics ... but it was a good weekend and a great learning experience
for me.  I was sooo pleased at the comments that came my way.  It's great when people
complement your work ... oh and I sold a lot too.  Yeah ... that's good too.

Til tomorrow ... Merry Christmas all.

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