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Sunday, November 20

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Last weekend my mother and I were invited to a ...
Christmas Open House
at Vondas ... a beautiful local floral design store and boutique.
The reason for the party was the start of their annual Christmas display season.
Since Thanksgiving is yet to arrive ... I'll show you the beautiful shop next week.

What I do want to show you today is a part of the actual store design.
The white paint over the white molding gives the feeling of rich ultra - thick molding.

"  Give me the luxuries of life and I will willingly do without the necessities."  Frank Lloyd Wright

These quotes from various famous people wrap around the total interior of the boutique.

"People who never get carried away should be."  Malcom Forbes

I like how it wraps around the corner here.

"Come back and see me sometime."  Mae West

You can see how they used different fonts on all the quotes.
It kind of makes you feel as if they were written by the celebrities themselves.
The entire store is so elegant ... these murals are kind of icing on the cake.

"Life is your message to the world ...make it inspiring."

I was so inspired ... I decided to give it a try in my own Studio.
I just free-handed mine ... so it's not as perfect as the boutique version ...
but it still inspires me.

After Thanksgiving I can't wait to share more beautiful pictures from this boutique.
Til then ....

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1 comment:

Tara said...

I love wall decals! These are beautiful phrases!
Thank you so much for the sweet comments on my blog. No I'm not a design student, just a girl that is passionate about making stuff (and fears working a 9-5 job!). I would love to advertise with you. Let me know :)

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