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Tuesday, November 8

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Welcome friends ... it's Tuesday again.  You know what that means.
Well yes ... NCIS: Los Angeles and Covert Affairs are both on tonight.
But ... it's Tuesday Love ... which I know you all look forward to.

Actually,  to be honest I had another post all set up for today ... but as I was reading
my favorite blogs ... I came upon one that jumped out at me.
Oh my goodness ... dejavu.  Lindsay had visited the apple barn in tennessee.
She wanted to know what type of apples we liked

 I had something perfect in my blog vault ... you have one of those don't you?  
When I first decided to start a blog I began taking pictures of everything I did.
It didn't matter how stupid or trivial.  You never know... it might come in handy.

So this summer I decided to start eating more fruit.  That might not seem like such a big
deal to most of you ... but my diet is bizarre a bit outside the 4 basic food groups.
I have been known to be a creature of habit and my first Tuesday Love kind of documented that.

Anyhoo ... off I went to the grocery store to buy a basket of fruit ... sounds like
Red Riding Hood ... no that was cookies or something ...
I started with apples cuz that sounded easy ... but there were so many.
Analytical as I am I decided to buy several and have a taste test.

I even labeled them.   How obsessive organized!
Gala ... Fuji ... Golden Delicious

I cut each up and my hubs and I tasted.

Not much of a intricately involved scientific test ... but we're simple folk.
My favorite ... The FUJI.
Crisp ... not mushy, I hate mushy.  Slightly tart yet sweet.

I hate to admit my lack of knowledge in the apple okay the entire cooking area ... 
especially since I taught Home Ec for awhile.  But alas this sign says it all ...
I was satisfied that I had learned something about apples  ... and now I could confidently
walk into the grocery store and buy my favorite Fuji apple.  As I bragged to a friend about
my big accomplishment she said ... well it really depends on what time of year it is!


Thanks Lindsay for letting me blog off you :)

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lindsay said...

Ahh I absolutely love this post!! So happy that my apple post brought you some inspiration!!! :). I need to taste test a fuji apple pronto!!

Jamie said...

Love Fuji's too, but try Honey Crisp...even better!!

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