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Tuesday, November 15

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Isn't this guy the cutest thing ever?  How do you like his argyle cashmere sweater?
Well as much as I love, love, love this little guy ... he is actually not the 
feature of today's Tuesday Love.

Why is his picture up there,  you ask?  
Well ... number one ... because he is so darn cute.   Secondly ... and in this case the
most important reason today ...  this picture was the first one I took with

... my new Nikon D3100.  

After seeing all your great pictures and comparing them to mine ... I was less than satisfied.
I began to consult Mr. Wizard (Google) just to see what was out there.
Being a beginner in the DSLR world ... I wanted something kind of basic ... and not too, too complicated.  All the things I read came down to either Canon or Nikon.

I kept telling myself ... wait, be patient.  You don't need one that bad.  That strategy usually
works for me ... unless ... I go into the store.  

(I can avoid potato chips ... but once the bag is open ... watch out!)

My feet just happened to take me into Best Buy this past weekend ... so I thought ... I'll 
just check the cameras out ... get some expert advice ... test the water.
But darn that Best Buy ... they had a sale.  Surprisingly... I decided to go home and
check out prices on line.  Every site I looked at was more expensive ... by at least $100.
Even Best Buy online was $100 more expensive!

So what's a girl to do?  It was a sign.  I marched right back to the store ... and well 
... the rest is history.

I haven't done too much with it yet.  I watched a couple of YouTube tutorials ... but I want to take a 
photography class.   I'm really a big Googler ... so I'm doing a lot of reading as well.  
I did take a few photos ... just to play around with my new toy love.

So here's the reason for my sweetie's picture.  After all I needed a  guinea pig subject.
The picture on the right was taken with my old Point & Shoot camera.
The picture on the left was taken with my New Love Nikon D3100.
Both were using the Auto Mode with Flash ... and I didn't do any additional editing.
I think Mr. Google is right ... you can really notice the difference more clearly on indoor pictures.

Anyway ... needless to say ... I know I shouldn't have spent the money right now.
But ... as my daughter says a lot when we're shopping ... just look at the money you're saving.
I'm gonna go with that.  I can't wait to start taking some super photos.
But all you experts out there ... don't worry.

I know ... I know.

Hey ... don't forget to go over to All Kinds of Complicated to enter my
A winner will be announced Monday,  November 28.


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Cole said...

What a great present to buy yourself!!!! Having a camera that shows your wreaths in their "true" color is really important now that you've opened your Etsy store. :-)

And, what an ADORABLE little subject you've got their. His argyle sweater is so cute.

A party and A HALF said...

I try to use my husbands camera all the time but my pictures always come out out of focus unless he puts the right settings on for me!
Good luck!

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