Reinventing a Nursery

Wednesday, November 9

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I think I've always loved changing things up... 
experimenting with new ways to wear my outfits ...
trying out new hairstyles or hair colors ...
or just moving things around in a room.

Sometimes it's just because I'm bored ... and other times it's just
the OCD organized person in me,  that thinks there might be a better way.
Then there are times when your lifestyle changes and you need to 
rearrange your priorities ...
you get married ... you have babies ... your kids move out.
I've been through all of those stages.

I'm kind of transitioning between the bright colors my teenage daughter liked in her room ...
to a softer,  more soothing atmosphere that would suit visitors ... especially my littlest one ...

This style suited my daughter
Tired of the floral wallpaper she had as a baby ... she chose some light green and white stripes
on the wall with a bright pink accent on the bed.
All you makeover purists don't have a cow ... but I painted right over the floral wallpaper.
I'd like to say it was for structural reasons ... but I was just lazy.    If your wallpaper is on
securely ... this is not usually a problem.  

I ran across this awesome palm tree light in a local boutique, which I thought was kind of an
 unexpected accent.  Not having much of a budget left after buying the palm tree ... 
I opted just to use light green paper lanterns.
The desk and chair I just painted white ... and my father made the beautiful shelf to go over it.

Well fast forward to the present ... Complicated Kai has moved to LaJolla.
Time for something new.
I've always looked at all white beds with longing... so I said why not!
The bedding I found on sale at Nordstroms ... and I made the bed skirt out of 3 layers of
soft tulle.  The empty frames ... an idea from ... wait for it ... Pinterest ... of course.
The chandelier ... I die ... I picked up on a trip to the Garment District in L.A.
I just love the way it all looks so far.  Oh ... I moved the desk next to the bed
because I had to make room on the other wall for ...
a crib ... yes we have a new one in the family.  Hopefully he'll like it.
I went with a portable crib from Sears.  The bedding I got at Target.  I was shocked
to find the exact green and white polka dot sheet I needed to match the wall stripes.
To replace the ugly green light ... Pinterest to the rescue again.   I decided
to try out the coffee filter lantern.  I think it turned out beautifully.  
It really puts out a warm soothing glow.

Well here it is in a nutshell ...
Before  ................................................................  After

I kind of like where this is going.  I do have plans to actually change the wall color.  I'm
thinking maybe a light beige and white.   I'm never done tweaking.
Meanwhile ... I haven't had any baby visitors yet ... but I'm still hoping.

Oh yes ... one more thing ...

I loved the light so much that I put it in my new Etsy Shop.  
It's truly gorgeous!

          Don't forget to enter the GIVEAWAY for a burlap wreath from my shop.

Good luck!

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A party and A HALF said...

I love how colors can be so versatile. It looked very teen chic with the pink bed spread but as soon as you turned the bed spread white, the green seemed a lot softer and more of a Victorian touch. Love it!

Jamie said...

Lov how the room turned out!!!

Tami Maiocco said...

Love the light fixture and the bedding!!!

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