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Wednesday, November 2

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I just had an epiphany ... okay well maybe not a full-blown epiphany.
Maybe it was more of an "aha moment".
Have you ever searched for a way to say something ... or describe your
feelings adequately ...  and just can't find the words?
Today while reading my favorite blogs  ... I had a "that's it moment".

I was reading Cheri's blog ... I Am Momma Hear Me Roar.  Today she's 
featured on another favorite blog of mine ... The Wiegands.  Her post today
had this picture.  I've seen this sign before ... I think I've even pinned it on Pinterest.
But it never really sunk in ... I never really related it to my life ... until today.

Over the years we all have parts of our lives that are not what we
had hoped for.  If you're not Kim Kardashian ... we just find ways to keep going.
(Sorry about that .... I couldn't help myself)
In my case ... as I'm sure in a lot of yours as well ... we keep busy.

Over the years, "busy" was the kids. When they're little ... they need you for everything.
As they grow ... they need you less ... but there's tennis lessons,  science projects, 
student council elections,  proms ... and all the activity and friends that keep your
life full and completely occupied.

Then you wake up and they have lives of their own.  
You may have the same life ... but now there's a void.
You moms know ... your little ones become your world.  What do you do
 when that world goes on without you? 
 You did a great job ... your kids turned out to be extraordinary adults ...
(how that happened with their crazy mom I don't know
... now what?

... you get back on the bicycle and keep moving.

I build waterfalls ... and outdoor barbeques ... and now blog.
I'm back pedaling that bike ... trying to keep moving forward.

Life is like riding a bicycle ... in order to keep your sanity balance ... you must keep moving!

My extraordinary aha moment.

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I Am Momma - Hear Me Roar said...

Thanks for sharing your post with me Becky. I'm glad you're still peddling hard. Sounds like you're up to a lot of amazing things.

Have a great day!


A party and A HALF said...

After my morning I really needed to read a post like this. Thank you

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