Etsy Grand Opening Giveaway

Monday, November 7

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It's a Grand Opening Giveaway!!!

Today I'm being featured on my first blog ... All Kinds of Complicated...
Why you might ask?  Well here it is ...

Okay ... I guess it doesn't hurt that she's my daughter.
But did I mention ....

Right ... mentioned it already... sorry... it's exciting for me.
Not only cuz ... you know it's ... well a new store ...
but ...  just figuring out how to:

grab a button
design a banner
leave comments
post pictures
join a linky party
figure out where my lost pictures went
learn what in the heck HTML is
become a follower

was a tremendous hurdle to overcome... but ... well ... you get the picture.  

My daughter helped set up my first layout ...
but after that ... I had too many questions and didn't want
to bug her everyday at work.  She told me, 
"Google it Mom!"
Wow, who knew.  That Google guy is pretty smart.
Anyway ... I digress ... as usual.

In honor of this momentous day  ... Complicated Kai  is hosting a

thank you my dear.

The winner will get to choose one of my burlap wreaths from my Etsy Shop:

How do you enter you might ask?

Jump on over to Kai's blog:  All Kinds of Complicated.
She has all the entry information there.

To get a first look at all my new items ... hit the SHOP button at the top of the page.
You'll be able to see all my creations.  Click any picture and you'll be
zapped through cyberspace  ...  straight to my 

Isn't this an amazing time we live in?

And ... of course ... come back yall.  
Good Luck...
Oh ... and thanks to All Kinds of Complicated  (Kai) for hosting this for me  :)

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Anna said...

WHAAT! I am definitely entering this giveaway!!

Jamie said...

Enter me!!! I like them all!!!!

Jamie said...

I'm now following Kai, so I entered the contest!!

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