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Thursday, November 17

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Have I mentioned I love Pinterest?
I see so many interesting things and I just have to try them.  As much as I love my glue gun ...
I really love working with metal,  bricks, cement or wood.
I saw this wire light and thought it would look nice in my new Studio ...  so I gave it a try.



14 Gauge Wire ... which was fairly inexpensive at Lowes.
Needle Nose Pliers ... which I have in my tool box ... nice.
22 Gauge Wire ...  purchase at any craft store ... I got mine at Beverlys.
Rustoleum Aged Copper Metallic Spray Paint ... Lowes
(sorry.... forgot to show the paint in the photo)


***I tried to follow the directions I found online ... but they were a bit sketchy ... 
so I kind of improvised as I went.***

Step One
Take your 14 Gauge Wire and form it into a large circle.
This ring will be the base of your lamp ...  so it needs to be extra sturdy to keep its shape.
I just wrapped the wire around 2 times ... making it  double thick.
It helps to coil the second lap around the first lap ...  kind of makes it stronger.
Repeat this twice more ... so you have 3 double thick ... round circles.

***I would suggest you wrap these first 3 circles around something solid and round to get a nice
 circular shape ... like a large bucket.  I didn't do this ...  but I will next time. 
This also helps to make each of these 3 circles the exact same size ... very important!***

Step Two

Place the 3 rings together going different ways to create a nice round foundation.
Wherever the rings cross ... secure them by wrapping the joint with the
22 gauge wire.   It will be more pliable and easy to twist around the joint.

*** Mine did not turn out perfectly round ... because all 3 circles were not
exactly the same ... again ... wrapping around a solid circle will take care of this ***

Step Three

Continue to wrap  your heavier 14 gauge wire around the base in whatever fashion
you find pleasing.  Wherever the wires cross ... wrap the joints with your lighter
22 gauge wire... for strength.  Make sure you leave an opening  near the top so you can slide in your
light socket and bulb ... you'll want to be able to change that bulb later on ... so you want to
be able to reach inside to to that.

***I kind of cut and wrapped as I went.  I think next time I might just use one 
continuous length ... going different ways ... then go back and wrap joints.
I think it may give a more smooth outcome ... less joints ... but who knows.***

Step Four

When you're happy with the look ...  you can paint it if you wish ... or leave it alone.
I decided I wanted a copper color ...  so I used Rustoleum Aged Copper Spray Paint.
I also sprayed the light socket and several inches of wire that will show.
If you decide to attach a chain ... you may want to paint that as well.

I really like how it turned out ... though it was fairly time consuming.  Part of that was just 
figuring out the best way to get the nice round look I wanted.  I plan to do it again ...
and I will definitely start by wrapping the starting 3 rings around a nice large bucket ...
to keep them perfectly round and the exact same size.  My next one will be
 much larger.  I really like over-sized accessories.

Since I didn't have an existing electrical connection ... I had to swag the cord and plug
it into the wall.  I really like to cover my cords with gathered fabric.
So that's it.  I'm happy with my new lamp ...  and it really looks good in my new Studio.

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our GIVEAWAY.  It's not too late to enter.

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Suzanne@Meridian Road said...

That looks really cool! It could go vintage, contemporary, or modern. Good work!

Sara Inga Catrin said...

Love this idea! Thank you so much for the inspiration! x S.

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