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Sunday, October 9

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In an earlier post I mentioned I am beginning a new creative phase, a 
Creative Bucket List
if you will, fueled my latest obsession:

So my head jam-packed with creative projects...I set out in search of a place to "create".  After all... the creative process can and should get Messy... so my living room was out of the question.  I pondered some pre-fab sheds from the "Depot" or perhaps adding on a room to the house... but these options were not too budget friendly... and I didn't think I could sneak an entire studio past my husband in an extra-large Home Depot I have been known to do a few times
(By the way...blogger-bloggee privilege applies to that previous info!)

Then it hit me......I already have an entire Pool Room that rarely gets used.  It's already equipped with a full, remodeled bathroom...fireplace... air conditioning... and cable.  What was I thinking? the Pool Room Makeover went into full swing.

As you can see sometimes extra matter how nice... can become a bit of a storage place.  In this case, we did have a brand new pool table...well, actually it's probably 5 years old...but we've probably only used it 3 or 4 times...go figure.  It had also become the archive for my husband's album collection.  By the way, I can't believe we have a Beatles album we haven't even opened...but I digress. In this photo, however,  I had just moved all 500 albums out......OMG, what a job!!
 Hey, does that count as exercise?

I still wanted to be able to use the pool table should friends or family ever come by...which isn't often...
no...I'm not crying... I'm translating all my feelings into my Art... I hope I don't have to cut off my ear....

I first laid down thick pieces of  foam... didn't want to scratch up the pool table (even though the pool table installer dropped it... trying to run up my driveway... and broke it.)  It was just a little amusing seeing him kind of stuck under the humongous box... what was he thinking?
On top of the table I placed an 8 foot by 4 foot piece of thick plywood covered with a melamine 
veneer.  I opted for the melamine because it was super smooth, super hard and durable.

This was a pretty good start... but I couldn't just stop at the practical...I needed a little decorative touch as well.

I bought several yards of material... gathered it up loosely on the sewing machine... and staple-gunned it to the edge of the plywood.  I even left the selvage edge  to show at the top.

Still a bit naked... (not me the table)... I added some cording in a contrasting striped pattern.  I know,  I know, a true seamstress would have cut the cording material on the bias... then sewed the cording up nice and neat... but hey... it's a workroom... studio... hot-gluing was fine.  So I hot-glued
the cording to the top edge of the skirt... also adding a big, loose bow at the end.

"Voila!   Pool Table Re-invented."

Step One completed.... whew.... I think it's time for a Diet Coke.... tomorrow Step Two
.... my husband's ugleeee ginormous speakers!

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Jamie said...

Wow Becky!! Love this idea!

CaseyWiegand said...

i loved your comment, wanted to say hi new friend!!! xoxox

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