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Tuesday, October 4

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You're never too old for a

It's amazing what goes on when most people are at work.  Who knew?  I happened to be talking to my sister, who lives an hour north, and she mentioned that she was going to LA to the....

ta-da........L.A. GARMENT DISTRICT.

Now my sister is a type of wedding planner and makes trips to Los Angeles periodically to buy material, flowers, decorations and such for her brides.  For those of you who don't know, the GARMENT DISTRICT, is the place to go for wholesalers and just bargain shoppers in general.

So realizing there was nowhere I had to be....I said hey, slow down driving through Bakersfield and I'll jump in.

So these 2 lovely ladies,
 who by the way, always look like this, 
swung by...I hopped in....and off we went. FYI, Sara, the "angel" on the left, is my older... ok...let's just settle on sister...and the "evil witch" on the right is my cousin, Jamie. By the way they're costumes in now way depict their matter what their husbands might say.

Now a brief warning to any of you who know my sister....never let her drive.  When she is behind the wheel she suffers from....let's say "lack of focus".  Yes even with me navigating and my trusty "smart" phone...she got lost 3 times in 5 minutes.  Undaunted, however, we finally parked and were in

First stop was the Fresh Flower Zone.  OMG...there was warehouse after warehouse of gorgeous fresh flowers.  The prices were AMAZING...and the smell....well, it was, to quote one of my favorite celebs..."BANANAS!"

We didn't come to buy any fresh beauties, however, so we just wandered about and took deep breaths....(oh and took these beautiful pix)

Next stop were the warehouses stocking dried flowers and just general decorations....vases, ornaments, and other baubles.

Of course, since it's close to Halloween, they had amazing displays like this tree.  I think this must be an homage to "Nightmare Before Christmas".  Can you just die for that tree topper?  I just had to stick that one in my basket.  I'm sure you'll see that one in later blogs.

The aisles went on and on and on....and it was hard to stop from just bringing everything home.  Even though my sister gets it all wholesale, I can still do quite a bit of damage if I give it a go. It was all I could do to walk away from these great signs.

Yeah....feeling pretty witchy.  Well sometimes you gotta just go with it....right?

We had a awesome day.  We laughed and laughed. My sister bought 100 yards of satin you know how much that weighs?  Well I do....well, ok, I don't know...but a LOT!

We walked around all day...I bought a great chandelier (which I will be showing you soon), makings for a wreath and then of course we were all hungry.  So how do you know where to go in the "SEEDY" part of the city?  

Ask a cop...excuse me police officer.
And so we did.

 El Big Happy.....can you say Spanglish?

No, as much as we wanted to, we did not eat at El Big Happy.  We found a great little cafe, ordered our Carne Asada Tacos (OMG to die for) and ate outside.

It was such a fun trip.  I got to hang out with my cousin, who I don't ever see...and we laughed and made fun of my sister a lot.
That's okay...she is sooo entertaining, and as much as I try to explain it to her...she can't find my blog, so I can pretty much make up all kinds of stuff about here if I want.

But I am such a sensitive and caring sister, that I won't...don't let those witch comments earlier fool you.

If you live in Southern California, the L.A. Garment district is a must visit...even if you don't buy's worth it just to see all the crazy included.  

FYI...did you know they sell MAC cosmetics on the street corner there?  I'm sure they're legit...right?

All in all it was an EXTRAORDINARY day.

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Anna said...

It sounds like a great day!

Kai.Mercado. said...

good post mom! And lucky me caus you bought me so many cool decorations!!

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