Kids and their Costumes ...

Sunday, October 30

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Sometimes I think kids love Halloween almost as much as Christmas.
I say almost ... Christmas pretty much still rocks for kids ... but they do love to dress up.
Halloween often times gets a bad rap for its dubious beginnings ...
maybe that's why they called it the Dark Ages ... but things are what you make them.

Kids LOVE to dress up!

Here are some of my Halloween memories ... 

Boy ... sewing the fur on this costume was a nightmare!

Always ready for a Kodak moment ...

Notice a family resemblance between father and daughter?

Little boys love Superman!  Daddies can be little boys too!  
I'm noticing a theme here... maybe little kids just want to copy the big kids ...

 But ... time passes far too quickly.  The little kids grow up into marvelous adults!

When you have little ones sometimes you feel so overwhelmed and stressed with
all the demands and activities.  Let me tell you ... from someone who is now
on the other side of the motherhood journey ...

I would give anything to have that time with them again!

I miss the hugs ... the smiles ... the silliness ... and yes ... even the craziness and exhaustion.
Time passes much too quickly.

Enjoy every moment ... give your little ghosts and goblins and extra hug from me.
You can pretend it's from you ... but we'll know.

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I Am Momma - Hear Me Roar said...

Thanks for sharing this with me, Becky. It's a sweet post and I always appreciate the reminder to enjoy this time when my kids are little. You have gorgeous children, by the way!

Thanks again and have a great Sunday!


Cole said...

Your kiddos got some great Halloween costumes!

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