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Friday, October 28

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Since my daughter ... Complicated Kai ... featured the Halloween Wreath I made for her
on her holiday blog today ... I thought I'd give you a "quickie" on
what's underneath all the glitter.

This is the lollapalooza wreath she ordered ... well ... sort of.  She actually chose a
little different tie at the top when it was all said and done,

I took a suggestion from Pintererst and tried using a
 insulation foam tube from the plumbing section of my hardware store.
I think I bought this one at Lowe's.  They're inexpensive.  I don't know  how much a 
normal wreath form would have been ... but I wanted to try this method out. The tube 
tended to kink a bit so I think next time I'll try a long pool floaty ... they seem more dense.

I bent it into a round shape ... and secured it with duct tape.
Don't worry if it's not perfectly round at first ... that will even out later.
By the way ... have you seen the different colors they make duct tape in lately ... wild leopard ... neons ... not your mother's old grey duct tape.
(I originally wrote that sentence:  your old mother's grey duct tape ... and decided to move the
word OLD to a more appropriate location in the sentence  :)

Next I wrapped it in 2" strips of white fabric ... to give it a little padding.
(sorry about the fuzzy picture ... I must have been on medication)

I then took black and white stripe fabric ... which I again cut in 2" strips ...
and re-wrapped the wreath.

Then it was just me and the glue gun ...  and every type of
 glittery Halloween doodad I had in my doodad bag.
I bought these glittery gems on my trip to the Garment District in L.A.  You can
see how that turned out from my earlier post ...  L.A. Trippin  What a trip!

I don't like things to be identical all the way around ... just balanced.
I  used the spider web as the center focal point ... and worked up each side from there
... hot gluing as I went.

The final step was to wrap a piece of fabric around the top for hanging ... and knot it. 
Here is the finished wreath Kai decided to hang
 She originally wanted the orange glitter netting as her hanging piece ...
 but in the end decided on the stripe.  

None of my fabric was hemmed. The black and white was a stretchy knit 
and the orange fabric was a netting ... so they probably won't ravel. 
I don't think that would take away from the look even if it did...
and it won't be going through the washing machine anyway... right Kai.

 I had originally planned a very simple wreath ... one wrapped in the striped fabric 
... maybe one spider or a "BOO" ... but I fell under the temporary influence 
of my More-is-More-Sister-Sara.   She kept throwing item after gittery item into
 my basket.  We finally had to have an 
Overdecorators Anonymous counselor come and do an on-site Intervention.

Well ... again ... sorry for some of these fuzzy pictures.  I will be asking Santa for a new camera 
... and some photography classes.  Hope you're all getting ramped up for the
Big Day on Monday.....especially all you guys with little ones.

Have an EXTRAORDINARY Halloween weekend!

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