It's About Time!

Monday, September 19

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Oh My...It's About Time!

I can't believe I'm actually posting my first blog!  It seems like I've read a million blogs learning and absorbing and......

dum da da dum.....

All of a sudden, the big day comes and I have writers just kidding.  

First of all a big thank you to

All Kinds of Complicated

for designing my blog.  She told me I was a picky client...but she did a great job!  The best part was she did all the work for free!

Well, to be honest, Complicated Kai is my sister...daughter, so I like to think she owes me....Do you know how long I was in labor with her?  Let me tell I digress,sorry Kai.

Anyway, writer's block probably won't be a problem.  My problem, as I've been told a time or knowing when to quit. There's so much I want to include.  Of course there will be the sarcastic, charming wit and comical anecdotes. I plan to tell all the family secrets...with due respect given to their privacy...well some respect given...heck what do I care...if it's funny I'm including it!

I am in the process of remodeling my 
Reinventing the Ordinary Design Studio 
(sounds official huh...I didn't really name it, just pretending I'm all that)...and I have lots of projects that I'm working on, and some I've already completed, to share.  I may even include some of the injuries I've incurred along the way.  It's been said that could probably be a blog in itself.  But you know what they say,
 "No pain to gain"

So...this will be a learning experience for me so please feel free to comment. Any suggestions will be appreciated. I'll be adding Tutorials and Shopping soon as I learn how. 

 Right now I'm in Blogging Kindergarten...but I will work hard my homework and try to get into a good Blogging University...with a scholarship.  Okay...perhaps that was a bit cheesy.

My goal, as always, is NOT TO BE ORDINARY!

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