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Friday, September 23

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 Just when you think you're footloose and fancy free....you get married and have kids.  Just when you think you're so busy with science projects, tennis matches and Christmas pageants....the kids graduate from high school and college and move away.  Just when you're throwing yourself into your job, trying to stay busy so you don't miss your kids....TIME catches up! 

 That day you thought would never come...rolls around.  Most people (like those smart guys in the Met Life commercials) plan for this moment.  I, however, have always fast-forwarded through the commercials, and then...wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am...TIME stopped.  It was my choice.  I just ripped off the bandaid and quit.

For a few weeks it was strange.  Sometimes I would come to the end of the day and realize I still had my pajamas on.  TIME all of a sudden didn't mean much.  I'd start off with a plan of attack...

...but you know pretty soon it would be, "Boy, those dust bunnies are huge....but...eh...they can wait til tomorrow.  No rush."  Don't even get me started on shaving my legs....I'm just sayin.... so instead the plan would turn into

Yeah....take a nap....watch movie after movie on Netflix.... followed my some QUALITY TIME on the Mac....(notice how I just call it the Mac, like I'm an old pro).  My mom called and asked how everything was going.  I told her I just didn't have a lot of time to talk.  I was busy alphabetizing my DVD collection and I was just really slammed cuz...

My mom, not realizing I was being sarcastic (as if that should be a big surprise to anyone but my mom, who is always excruciatingly sweet) wished me well on the DVD problem, figuring it might take the rest of the day.  Yeah, it was a painstaking project....maybe 15 minutes....5 minutes longer when I decided to display them vertically rather than horizontally.  What a day!!!  Calls for another nap.

To be honest ... at that point, I didn't understand why people raved about this retirement thing.  (I hate to even use that word...makes me feel ancient...which of course I am not....I quit....that makes me sound younger and more bad ass).  I was bored and I looked awful.  What was the use of even getting dressed if I wasn't going anywhere.

But then.....something legen.....wait for it....dary.  These 2 people knocked on my door, and I was introduced to the wonders and glories of Amway.   Okay, so it wasn't Amway... not that there's anything wrong with that!  No.... like a drug lord touting his latest pharmaceutical,  I heard the words...


   I was cautioned that Pinterest could be addictive.  Right, whatever...I can handle it!  I'll just try it once, I won't let it take over.  Apologies to my pusher.  As I started working the program....(that's what we say in the biz)...I was inspired!!!  Picture after picture, blog after blog, tutorial after tutorial.  

One evening....turned into late night...turned into the wee hours.  In those wee hours of that first all-nighter.....I realized I had stuff to do!!!  It was in that moment a plan was hatched....and TIME began to have meaning again.  I now really do have a master plan.....of course I'm not going to tell you what it is right now....really, have you never watched a television show?  I have a blog to fill...you'll just have to stay tuned.  So until next TIME....

....psst.......if you're interested though, email me and I'll turn you on to Pinterest.....sshhhh.

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