Crate Covers ??? Must be January ...

Thursday, January 9

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Wow … did I sleep through December ? ? ?
As if !
November & December … ReinventingOrdinary. etsy. com  … OMG !
My boss  ( such a slave driver …  she's really cute though)  had me working night and day.  
I don't think I slept from … Thanksgiving to Christmas.
Anyhoo … that's a story for another post .
Let me be the first to say …


Okay … okay …  so it's already January 9th.  

How about …    HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR ???
I actually have no idea when that is either … well moving on.


I know that because it's … DOGGY CRATE COVER  TIME !

New REVERSIBLE  Lazybones  Covers are in the SHOP !

The … Dots on Dots Lazybones Cover
The … Dots & Stripes Lazybones Cover
The …  Damask & Stripe Lazybones Cover
These  Lazybones Crate Covers  are brand new … and come in a
variety of colors and prints.  Mix and Match … add a bed … even choose a
fabric to match your own decor.  Go wild … or be conservative … whatever
 your heart or your puppy's heart desires.

Of course … we still have the ever popular 
   Minky Crate Covers.
Minky  is always popular … and even though it is the most expensive
fabric … puppies  LOVE … LOVE … LOVE  it!

Don't know what it is about  JANUARY … but I can always set my "watch" ….
er … "calender" by how many PUPPY CRATES COVERS  we create during
 January and February.

Santa must have been very good!!!
Do you have a puppy you'd love to pamper?

Check out ALL our CRATE COVERS


It's good to be back … sorry it's been so long.

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Father's Day...Giving Dad a Brand Name

Wednesday, June 19

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Don't know about you ... but Dad's can sometimes be hard to buy for.
Try as I may to find something meaningful  ... fun ... and original ...
I usually end up with the practical ... but boring ... gift certificate.

This year ... the day before I knew I had to put something in the mail ... 
it hit me ... in one of those 

My Dad ... the
  "Chocolate Chip Cookie King" ...  
needed his own Brand.
 So onto my  Silhouette Cameo  I went.
Of course ... great-grandpas always use  love  as an ingredient ...
so why not use a...
Next ... what to call his brand ?
All the grandkids and great-grandkids call him "Papa" ...
so ...
"Papa's Pride."

I originally wanted to print some real stickers for his "cookie bags" on adhesive vinyl ...
but after trying to "Print & Cut" on the adhesive vinyl  ...  
 I realized the printing smeared on the vinyl.

Plan B ... print the decals on plain paper ... then glue them to the bags.
Papa also needed a matching shirt ... so ... fire up the
Tulip ScreenIt.
You have to start with a  black and white picture.
I printed the heart logo in black ink as big as the computer paper would hold.
After following the directions that come with this amazing machine ...
20 minutes later ... wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am ... my silk screen
was ready to go.
Using red  Soft Fabric Paint ... placing  wax paper inside 
the shirt to prevent seeping ...
 stretching the shirt taut on my counter ...
I used my squeegee and quickly printed my silk screen.
I added a few  red bags  for a bit of color and cut out a few
red vinyl hearts to seal the bags ... and voila ...
"Papa's Got a Brand New Brand."

For the cost of a few paper bags ... a tee shirt ... and one silk screen sheet ...
at last an original  Father's Day Gift.

I can't say enough about my
Silhouette Cameo and my   Tulip ScreenIt.
I use them all the time ... especially in my Etsy Shop.

By the way ... Papa Loves his new Brand!

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Fiesta Time ... Part DOS

Monday, May 27

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Feliz Navidad ...  er no ...
Feliz Cumpleanos a Dos...
oh buggers ...
Happy 2nd Birthday Parker Rhodes!
The Birthday "Nino" ... my sweet 
Parker Rhodes.
Happy Dos (2nd) Birthday!
Sombrero cookies ...
Bright Fiesta Tables ...
Great Mexican food ...
 My little Fiesta Boy!
 The secret of the "stach".
Papa Shea ... P Dawg (aka the Birthday Boy) ...
Mama Sarah ...  and sweetest   Sissy Olivia
gettin' into the  fiesta spirit!
 Lovin' the "stach" and the lips ...
Tia Kai and Tio Nick!
 Senor Tyler...
 Senor Mark and Senorita Yunna.
 Okay these two senors have taken this fiesta thing a bit outside the box!
 Now these beautiful senoritas are more like it!
Molly and Tia Kai.
 Parker's dad ... (but my mijo) ... Shea 
and Mama Sarah ...
great fiesta planners.
Oh ...  Oliva ... you are such a fashion diva!
 Grandpas (abuelos) ... kicking back ...
Abuelo Dan and Abuelo Julio.
Grandpa Julio  muggin' with  P Dawg.
Lovin' the matchin' Mexican shirts.
  Tia Kai and Olivia ...
lookin' beautiful in their Mexican dresses.
So "bonita".
A great time was had by all!

Happy Birthday Parker!

Bibi loves you soooo much!

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